creative factory

About us

After years of informal activity, we were officially established in September 2010. The “Kreativni pogon (Creative factory )” is a civil association, operating within the domains of culture, inclusion and education.

In the form of a circus, we found a tool that enables us to reach our goals. The circus became and remains our main interest. With our work, through continuous investment of time, energy and love we promote the artistic and pedagogical values of the circus as the art form.

The circular philosophy of the circus perfectly fits into our objectives and mode of operation. We are creating the environment where each person is equally important and given the opportunity to contribute, within its own capacity, to the process of the creation.

In 2017, together with the Association Ludifico we founded Circoneo, the first circus school.

So far we have established cooperation with many institutions, festivals, associations, clubs, informal groups, networks and individuals in Serbia and abroad.


Promoting contemporary theater and contemporary circus as an artistic, engaged form. Education of future artists, pedagogues, audiences and institutions about the importance of modern circus.


Circus schools with educated and professional personnel in a space that meets world standards. Circus as an elective subject in elementary and secondary schools. Official Recognition of Contemporary Circus as Art and Circus Artists as Free Artists.

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