The K3 project

A campaign inciting communities to pursue local activism, develop positive ideas, preserve nature, protect cultural heritage and the common good.

About this project…


We have noticed that our culture has been neglected in rural and smaller environments and are taking the first steps towards solving this problem.
The first project was realized in Čerević, and a second one, which is overseeing the reconstruction of an independent cultural centre in a small, unique town on the far North side of Vojvodina in Novi Kneževac, is currently active as well.

The goal of the K3 Project


K3 will be a place which will act as a haven for the work and progress of brave groups, associations, initiatives and individuals, who want to preserve nature, cultural heritage and common goods.
K3 will be a safe space in which all belong despite our differences.

Culture on display

Because of the recent pandemic situation, this project has set up specifically organized spaces where the local community is free to exhibit their creations.