About us

A citizens’ association that deals with culture, inclusion and education.

Who are we?


Kreativni pogon is a citizens’ association tasked with further advancing our culture and art;
development, support and promoting the position of children through the artistic, social and
educational values of the circus.
The Circus School’s goal is to contribute to creativity, concentration and healthy
psychophysical growth of our children. It is a place where every child is equally important
and is allowed to prosper in accordance with their capabilities.
Our work is aimed at developing social values across Serbia and abroad and organizing
educational workshops of the Contemporary Circus.

Dragan Jajić

Dragan Jajić

More about Dragan

Senior sports trainer, working with children for over two decades. Started off as a kayak trainer, recreationist, entertainer. Taught English and German. Founded Creative drive (Kreativni pogon) and the Circus school Cirkoneo in 2010, and is still actively contributing to their work. Participates in a number of training courses for contemporary circus, pantomime, the physical theatre, contemporary and butoh dance. Believes in the values, philosophy, and strength of the circus as an educative and social art form. Loves the countryside and the calm, the absurd and the minute, his weird company and the theatre. Loves all who wish for peace.

e-mail: gagi@kreativni-pogon.com

Jasmina Vladisavljev

Jasmina Vladisavljev

More about Jasmina

Master geographer turismologist. Founder of Creative drive (Kreativni pogon), wanting to fulfill her passions of working with kids, volunteering, activism, ecology, and culture, mostly avant-garde. Has spent the last decade working on, and writing projects, all of which she learned through hard work, and furthering her knowledge with a variety of courses. An eternal dreamer, and mother of two girls.
Valiantly fights for justice, cleanliness, ecology, and order.

e-mail: jasmina@kreativni-pogon.com

Ivana Grković

Ivana Grković

More about Ivana

Professor of philosophy, ideologist, thinker and strategist. Resurrected her early youthful love towards the circus arts and activism when she started working with Creative drive (Kreativni pogon). Tried her hand at being a performer and costume designer. Currently working in marketing and as project manager, having perfected herself through a variety of courses. By writing projects, fights for the ideas of justice and equality, recognizes our differences, finds our similarities.
First of all a mother, who gets along great with the elderly!

e-mail: ivana@kreativni-pogon.com

Nebojša Šupić

Nebojša Šupić

More about Nebojša

A circus educator with many, many years of experience in working with children as a recreationist and entertainer. Founder of the Circus school Cirkoneo. Fulfilled his dreams in educating children in the circus school. Listened to dozens of courses on contemporary circus and education.
A performer, lover of nature, patron of ecology, and avid supporter of trips to nature. Adores flowers, a master of technique, a just family man. Loves to create and easily transforms his thoughts into reality.

e-mail: nebojsa@kreativni-pogon.com

Mira Dobrković

Mira Dobrković

More about Mira

Graduated in tourism and hospitality, packed her diploma, gave it to her parents, and ran off with the circus. One of the leading pioneers of circus in Serbia. A performer, an educator, organizer, manager, but most of all a good friend. Spins fire and lives in the air on silk and trapeze. As a circus artist, traveled across a good chunk of the world. Participated in many training courses for the circus arts. Found the development center of circus arts Ludifico, as well as the Circus school Cirkoneo, and some say even had a hand in the establishing of Interpol and the United Nations!
The alfa, the omega, and even the beta of the circus.

e-mail: mira@kreativni-pogon.com

Jelena Vujović

Jelena Vujović

More about Jelena

Graduated in architecture, however to the disappointment of her parents, opted for the circus. Sees her future in a distant land where the circus is already greatly established. Believes that the entire universe is inside of her. A performer, gymnastics teacher, excellent in her work with children, but knows when to put her foot down. Participated in a variety of courses teaching contemporary dance and circus.
Can fall asleep anywhere, any time.

e-mail: jelena@kreativni-pogon.com

What we do


1. Circus workshops
2. Culture decentralization projects
3. Education
4. Team building
5. Adult programs
6. Employee programs



The development of Circus schools with professional, educated staff, set in a workplace that suits the current world standard.
The introduction of circus as an elective course in primary and high school.
The official recognition of the circus as an art form and circus artists as freelance artists.



Promoting contemporary theatre and circus as art forms.
Education of future artist, educators, the public and institutions about the importance of contemporary circus.

Contemporary circus from a psychologist’s point of view


“Circus skills are fun, yet rather demanding. They incite overcoming insecurities, stepping out of the comfort zone. (…) Through these circus skills, we get a chance to express our own personal stories, as well.

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On tour with the circus troop: contemporary circus from a psychologist’s point of view
Unexpected things are bound to happen when we are open enough to accept them. I got the chance to spend four days with the troop of contemporary circus on their mini-tour through Vojvodina. Not only did I realize that the circus is so much more than a happy or a sad clown (although I appreciate that aspect as well), but I also found numerous connections between my own profession (psychology) and the circus craft.
We performed the play “Circus builds trust” in high schools. What first pulled the students in were the various stunts and dexterity of the performers, but they eagerly followed the whole plot of the play as well.
Four protagonists, each with their own authentic expression and use of different skills (juggling, dance, silk acrobatics, gymnastics) told a few stories of (not) belonging, a place in a group, being an outcast and later reuniting, relying on others – trust. My task was to ask the students about their experience after watching the play. They had a firm grasp on what the actual theme of the play was, and this was a good starting point for further talks on tolerance, accepting differences, empathy and realising when we could have been the subject OR object of discrimination.
What have I learned about contemporary circus?
Circus skills are fun, yet rather demanding. They incite overcoming insecurities, stepping out of the comfort zone. They also help us face our fears, learn perseverance, focus and concentration. They give power to the non-verbal, the physical; make us more aware of our emotional expressions. Through these circus skills, we get a chance to express our own personal stories, as well.
There is no hierarchy in the circus, there is not even a director. There are only those who perform and those who coordinate the process. The beauty of this equality is reflected in every part of the process, in which everyone has their say; from creating the play, choosing the music to putting together the scene and even cleaning the floor. Everyone works at their own pace, and that’s okay!
The circus breaks boundaries between different arts, between generations, between the “big” and “small” or the “ordinary” and “extraordinary”. It lifts team spirit, while leaving enough space for individuality and authenticity.
In our environment, the circus is an unjustly neglected discipline, especially if you are learning from the crew of Ludifico and Creative drive (Kreativni Pogon)! It is certainly a must!

Dragica Jovišević, psychologist