creative factory

About us

Our development started in 2004. On this road, we met and shared with many, and everyone in our way influenced our work and development. Many of us taught and looked at us because we were in everything we did, if not the first, then at least among the first.

Today  with dancing, balls, poems, bags, umbrellas, newspapers, fire … in the rhythm of our own ideas and we try to realize the fantasy of the first circus school in Novi Sad in reality. We are dreaming about big things, but we make small steps because we know that we are still closer to our dreams.

We want to share with you what makes a man happy, to walk barefoot, to be always a child, to be an artist, to enrich himself with something that will make him to be his, and the circus, for our joy, enables us.

We consider ourselves responsible and everything we do. We work analytically, we are dealing with music selection, composing, directing, improving abroad, attending workshops and seminars, monitoring events on the contemporary scene in order to bring some of this to Novi Sad.

If it was not the enthusiasm and internal drive of the members of our association, there would be no Creative Drive.


Promoting contemporary theater and contemporary circus as an artistic, engaged form. Education of future artists, pedagogues, audiences and institutions about the importance of modern circus.


Circus schools with educated and professional personnel in a space that meets world standards. Circus as an elective subject in elementary and secondary schools. Official Recognition of Contemporary Circus as Art and Circus Artists as Free Artists.