circus school


The circus school Cirkoneo is a new thing in Novi Sad and Serbia. Learning through a party without borders. Freedom of movement with music, without competition, the participants will in a fun way stimulate concentration, flexibility, strength, use both hemispheres of the brain, discover new creative self … Circus is in many developed countries one of the favorite elective courses in elementary and secondary schools , leisure activity and artistic discipline. Students in our school will have the opportunity to practice with cones, balls, rings, poems, stools, hops, Chinese plates, diabolics, to practice acrobality, aerobatic acrobatics, acrobatics, that everyone, regardless of their skill and various physical predispositions, CIRKONEO Circus Schools.

Circus is a combination of physical and artistic skill. There is no competition in the circus, but cooperation and trust are fostered. Performances are set on the elements of the theater of the movement, contemporary dance and non-verbal communication and modern circus will best illustrate what and how it is with us at Cirkoneo School.

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